8415 W. Eagle Lake Rd., Peotone, IL 60468, US

(708) 557-7258


About The Horse Quarters

Horses who call The Horse Quarters home enjoy  a 10 x 12 rubber matted stall bedded with a mixture of Flax Farms bedding and Equi-litter Pelleted bedding. Providing our horses a dry, comfy near dust free stall. 

Every stall has an automatic waterer and wall mounted hay net.  We offer a custom feeding program with several different Purina grain options available. Supplements fed at no additional cost. 

Daily turnout available, weather permitting. 

Individual tack lockers available. 



We believe that turnout is extremely important to a horses health and well being. We have a variety of options available. Individual turnouts for rest and rehab to larger turnouts able to accommodate up to 5 horses comfortably. All of our turnouts have custom made round bales with slow feed hay nets to give our equine friends the option to graze all day. We have one large grass turnout available for use as well. During favorable weather horses have the option to stay out full time and enjoy the weather. 


Our Goal

Since 2001 the goal of The Horse Quarters has been to provide quality care for the horses in our care and a safe and comfortable facility for our clients to enjoy their horses. Please feel free to contact us for stall availability and boarding rates.